Privacy, security and copyright - Legislation and other challenges

Some of the most vexing challenges we face today - protecting privacy, providing security and balancing copyright interests to name a few - are being argued nationwide and indeed around the world. They are being argued in our institutions, too, as they directly impact us both philosophically and operationally.

We want to comply with laws; run a stable, reliable and secure network environment; and do the right thing. But what is the right thing to do? When an avalanche of copyright infringement notices lands on our doorstep, should we begin tracking what people in our institutions do over the network? With new powers granted to law enforcement since 9/11, should we simply hand over data demanded of us in a subpoena? How can we operate efficiently, lawfully and maintain some of our core principles of freedom of speech, academic freedom and privacy?

Come join this session for a discussion about some of the imperatives we face and share ideas for handling these tricky challenges.